China manufacturer EP Rotary Cutters Gearboxes gearbox code no. EPRC30 – replacement of code no. – omni gear rc30 wholesaler

  • Description

  • Description

    EP gearbox code no. EPRC30 &#8211 alternative of code no. &#8211 Omni gear rc30

    EP replacement code for Omni gear rc30


    • Shearbolt
    • Gearbox
    • Rotary Cutter

    You may possibly do not want a rebuild when you can change it at a low cost.  These gearboxes can be employed for the substitute of devices like: WAC, Massive Bee, LMC, King Kutter, Midwest, Worksaver, HawkLine, Intercontinental, Servis, Bush Hog, some Howse, and numerous far more. P.s. : The changed Gearbox could have a rounded housing or square housing as proven, dependent on the real situation, most internal elements are just interchangeable and specifications for equally bins are similar!

    Disclaimer: Any and all First Products Producer&#8217s (OEM) tradenames, logos, drawings, shades, descriptive info, and portion numbers are utilized for components identification reasons only, and EPT is in no way implying that any specific areas are OEM components. Further, any use of the OEM&#8217s tradenames, emblems, drawings or component numbers by EPT is developed only to support clients, in acquiring the correct portion or element which will replace the OEM&#8217s part.

    Rotary Cutters Gearboxes  &#8211 Gearboxes Details:

    Substitution 30-forty five HP Omni Gearbox interchange with objects RC30 (+ 5 Shear  Nuts &amp Bolts ) without having oil

    ISO (DIN &#8211 AGMA ) normal 1-3/8&#8243 sleek turning dia. enter shaft (  drilling with 1/2&#8243 shear bolt hole) also plus ring groove, In addition regular 1.fifty seven&#8243 diameter formed taper twelve tapered spline output shaft, which is the most popular link dimension for all sorts of light, normal, and medium-duty rotary cutters.

    This higher top quality with the most inexpensive price tag, economically designed gearbox highlighted higher-top quality ball bearing units and carbonized heat treatment gears models, and enter and output shafts with lengthy daily life. Four-bolt assembly is our most well-known agricultural equipment common.

    • No oil
    • from 30 &#8211 45HP Rated
    • 1-3/8&#8243 SB enter
    • 1-1/2&#8243 X twelve Spline Output
    • one:1.forty seven Ratio for use on 5&#8242 and more substantial dia. rotary cutters

    Model EPT250001
    Rotation  input CCW &#8211  presents output  CW with  Equipment increase Ratio 1:1.forty seven
    Enter RPM could be:  540/1000   Output RPM could be: 793/1470
    Enter HP: 30-forty five
    Max Torque: 2800-4667 in.lbs.
    Enter Shaft : 1-3/8&#8243 dia. x 3&#8243 lengthy w/1/2&#8243 dia. pinhole
    Output Shaft 1-9/16&#8243 dia. 12 tooth tapered spline w/threaded end. 4-1/2&#8243 whole size
    Blade Hub 2.ninety five&#8243 dia. x 2.02&#8243 stepped down to 2.5&#8243 dia. x .27&#8243 then tapers down to 2.183&#8243 dia. in excess of .315&#8243
    Mount 4 holes on 6.8&#8243 dia. B.C.
    Pilot 5-1/4&#8243 dia.
    Measurement ten-1/4&#8243 x 7&#8243 x 7&#8243
    Shpg. fifty four lbs.


    The interchange with (alternative for ) BMB &#8211 1080, 10300

    The interchange with (replacement for )HARDEE &#8211 C1378

    The interchange with (alternative for ) MOHAWK &#8211 fourteen-500

    The interchange with (replacement for ) RHINO &#8211 0711050100, 71105

    The interchange with (substitute for ) SE Large OX &#8211 1970

    The interchange with (replacement for ) SIDEWINDER &#8211 26272

    • The interchange with (substitution for ) Several Razorback Sequence BH4, BH5, BH6 
    • The interchange with (substitute for ) Several Razorback Sequence BH4-2, BH5-2, BH6-2
    • The interchange with (alternative for ) Several RD5 &amp RD6 Rotary Cutter
    • The interchange with (alternative for ) Numerous RZ160 Rotary Cutter 
    • The interchange with (replacement for ) A lot of RZ60 Rotary Cutter 

    Axle Spindle Types and Set up

    Are you hunting for a new axle spindle for your automobile? If so, you’ve appear to the proper area. Find out more about their varieties, features, and installation. Following looking through this post, you may be effectively on your way to locating your new axle spindle. Axle spindles are essential to your car. There are numerous types and every has unique qualities. Here’s how to decide on the best one particular for your automobile.


    Axle spindle dimensions are vital for safe wheel assistance. This part encounters significant pressure and load for the duration of bearing mounting and have to provide sufficient power. The axle spindle can be scorching-forged or shaped to contain an integral shoulder. The shape of the bearing cease area have to be abruptly transitioned from a straight to a curved configuration. Proportions of axle spindle fluctuate with different components, producing methods, and applications.
    The bearing surfaces of the axle spindle are 1.376 inches across, even though the bearing spacer is 1.061 inch across. The axle spindle is 1.376 inches prolonged and consists of a cotter pin and nut. Common axle spindle proportions are shown underneath. Some axles may possibly have further parts to minimize their weight, even though others may not have any. The amount of axles and bearings is also critical to think about when identifying the dimensions of the axle.
    The outside the house shape of the axle spindle forty is comparable to that of the prior art spindle 10. The outer wheel bearing location forty four is cylindrical with a diameter D 1 and an interior wheel bearing location 46. An axially-separating transition location 48 separates the interior bearing region 46 from the outer wheel bearing area 44. It is important to be aware that the internal diameter is normally marginally more substantial than the outer wheel bearing region forty six.
    Axle spindles can be integrally fashioned or welded to the housing or central beam. They can also be created in a different way relying on the meant operate. For case in point, the trailer axle spindle might have a round or rectangular cross part. After again, axle spindles are critical for basic safety and longevity, so it is crucial to know their dimensions. You can also examine on-line for the proportions of axle spindles.


    Axle spindles are vital components of a vehicle’s suspension program. They empower a automobile to move ahead, turn, brake, and speed up. The axle also supports the wheel bearings. In addition to supporting the wheel hub, the axle spindle connects the arms of each wheel to the chassis. This piece is also known as a steering knuckle. The axle spindle’s work is to supply ample toughness to assistance the axle.
    The practical components of an axle spindle are cylindrical and have a transition area and an outer area with an irregular pattern. They have a very first and a 2nd diameter, and are formed to kind the spindle’s beam portion and spindle area. The changeover region types a pivotal connection in between the axle and the suspension. It also gives the link amongst the axle and the trailer. It permits a automobile to rotate without triggering too much vibrations.
    Axle spindles can be circular in structure and are equivalent to people of the prior artwork. They assist wheel hub configurations. The very first stop of a spindle is threaded, while the 2nd end is open. The outer wheel bearing region has an outer surface area with a diameter D1, whilst the interior wheel bearing area 46 has a cylindrical outer area with a diameter D2. The transition region separates the spindle from the rest of the axle.
    The spindle nut retains the wheel hub on the spindle, while the spindle nut holds the hub assembly in location. A spindle nut retains the wheel on the spindle. A hub cap safeguards the locking nut assembly and lubrication spot. A hub cap is also a frequent element of the axle. The hub cap also offers a protecting protect for the spindle nut.
    Steering axle spindles do not extend to the appropriate of the oil seal. They increase from the steering kunckle, which is pivotally joined to the steering axle beam. Even with the variances in bearing seals, wheel hub mounting means, and brake assemblies, the simple spindle configuration is the same. A spindle is composed of two axially separated bearing locations, 1 with a bigger diameter than the other, with a bearing cease adjacent to the interior bearing area.


    The axle is the simple device of an vehicle, and it consists of many components. Amongst these are bearings, axle housings, and wheel hubs. Bearings and axle housings get on all of the radial hundreds placed on them throughout procedure. As a result, they are needed to make sure that a vehicle is able to operate at its optimum stage. But if you happen to be not sure what these factors are, they can make all the difference in your ride.
    Axle sort is dependent on a variety of variables, like the quantity of force made. In some situations, the vehicle presently has pre-designed axles that come in common formats, but in other cases, a client can get a personalized-produced axle for the certain demands of his vehicle. Tailored axles give the car operator greater management more than the velocity and torque of the wheels. To decide on the appropriate axle variety for your motor vehicle, it is valuable to know the measurements of the axle.
    Axle equipment sets and lubrication passages are also various. Reverse-minimize gears cannot be utilised in area of standard reduce gears, and vice-versa. The two kinds of axle are appropriate, but the spline depend of the differential case should match that of the axle. It is essential to bear in mind that a diverse type of axle may operate with a distinct type of device tool.
    Various axle spindle resources have their own rewards and drawbacks. Some are much more durable than other folks, depending on their load potential. Disc brake hubs and axle spindles are similar to the non-braking kinds, but incorporate a rotor and a caliper yoke. The yoke style on the rotor or caliper spindle is particular for each rotor.
    Bearing-kind axles are the most durable. They transfer the excess weight of the automobile to the axle casing. The axle housing is retained by a flange bolted to the hub, and the axle bearings are secured on the spindle by a big nut. Alternatively, axles with bearings are supported entirely on the axle spindle and don’t need a hub. Floating axles are normally much better for lengthy-phrase procedure, but may possibly be a constrained option for automobiles.


    Axle spindle set up includes tightening the axle spindle nut to retain the spacer and bearing cones in place. When properly tightened, the axle spindle nut offers the clamp pressure needed to compress the bearing spacer and bearing cone. Preloading is an critical part of axle spindle installation since it optimizes bearing lifestyle by limiting the tolerance selection of stop engage in. Here are some suggestions on axle spindle set up.
    To commence the approach, you should eliminate the axle spindle from the car. If the outdated spindle is not a bolt-on sort, a technician will want to cut the weld that holds the axle spindle in place. Then, he or she would require to thread the new spindle back into spot. The axle tube need to be threaded to accept the new spindle. Once the axle spindle is correctly set up, the technician will want to tighten it to the specified torque.
    When the axle spindle is put in, the technician will continue tightening the nut assembly. To make sure a tight grip, the technician will rotate the outer washer although adjusting the torque amount on the axle spindle nut. If the nut is not properly torqued, it could loosen the axle spindle. In addition, incorrect torque can result in extreme inboard strain on the outer nut, which can result in more than or under-compression of the bearing cone.
    The 2nd axle spindle involves an inboard bearing fifty four and an outboard bearing fifty six. The inboard bearing has an inboard area that abuts the shoulder 26 of the axle spindle. The outboard bearing 57 is mounted on the axle spindle near its outboard stop. A bearing spacer 58 is positioned amongst the inboard and outboard bearings. The spacer and bearing cone group comprises the bearing cones 54 and fifty six.
    Suitable alignment of the new spindle is vital for a secure fit. Getting your trailer to a licensed repair facility for a trailer spindle set up is a great thought, as a poorly mounted axle can end result in improper wheel monitoring and untimely tire wear. A certified trailer fix facility can do this for you without significantly issues. This way, you will not waste your time or stress on a Do it yourself trailer axle alternative.