Planetary Custom made in China replacement parts in Jamnagar India Gearboxes Swing Bearing 062.20.0630.000.11.1503 Turntable Bearing Slewing Ring Bearing with Internal Gear Bearing with top quality

Planetary Custom made in China  replacement parts  in Jamnagar India Gearboxes Swing Bearing 062.20.0630.000.11.1503 Turntable Bearing Slewing Ring Bearing with Internal Gear Bearing with top quality

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LYHY is a expert company in slewing ring bearings, slewing rings, turntable bearings, including thousand of different types from outer diameter 200mm-8000mm range.
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Why pick LYHY slewing bearings
LYHY is a professional maker in slewing ring bearings given that 1993. We can also design and style and make other common and non-standard ball slewing ring bearings, roller slewing bearings and precision slewing ring bearings as per customer’s different complex needs.

Slewing ring bearing is also referred to as slewing ring, slewing bearing, turntable bearing, and rotary bearing.
Slewing ring bearing is a bearing that able to bear axial load, radial load and overturning torque. Below regular situation, slewing ring bearings have their possess mounting holes, lubricant holes and seal holes, to fulfill the various demands of the different host wor ept beneath the numerous problems

On the other hand, slewing ring bearing by itself has traits of compact structure, guide rotating practical, easy to install and preserving simply.

Slewing Ring Bearings——Varieties:
1.       four position get in touch with ball slewing ring bearings
2.       double row ball 4 point speak to slewing ring bearings(same diameter ball different diameter ball)
3.       cross roller slewing ring bearings
4.       triple row cylindrical roller blended slewing ring bearings
five.       ball & roller merged slewing ring bearings
6.       gentle flanged slewing ring bearings

Detailed description of these types slewing bearings

One row 4 level get in touch with ball slewing bearings
     This sort of slewing bearings can support higher dynamic hundreds, transmitting axial and radial forces concurrently as properly as the resulting tilting times. Purposes of this type of bearings are hoisting, mechanical dealing with and general mechanical engineering etc.
One row cross roller slewing bearings
     This kind of bearings can assist combinations of big radial force, medium axial power and tilting instant with little or zero clearance. Primary applications of this kind of bearings are hoisting and mechanical managing and common mechanical engineering and so forth.
Double row diverse ball diameter slewing bearings
     This variety of bearings can support substantial static masses with basic buildings. They are mostly utilised in circumstances with variation load place and direction and continually rotating. Main applications of this variety of bearings are deck hoisting, mining and substance managing and many others.
Triple row cylindrical roller slewing bearings
     This variety of bearings has higher load carrying capability. Below same masses, this variety of bearings has a lot more compact diameters which can make the set up significantly compact, as diverse types of hundreds are supported by different races and rollers. Major apps of this type of bearings are hoisting, mechanical handling, mining and supplies handling, offshore technologies and common mechanical engineering etc.
Roller/ball blend slewing bearings
     This kind of bearings can support large axial load and low tilting moments. Usually they are massive diameter slewing bearings. Apps of this variety of bearings are mining and resources dealing with and many others.

Slewing Ring Bearings——Technological Info:
Substance: 42CrMo, 50Mn, or other material consumers need.
Precision: P0. P6. P5.
Exterior diameter: 200~9500mm
Cage/retainer: Nylon, aluminum, metal, brass or other folks clients require
Equipment kind: non-geared, inner gear and exterior equipment, equipment hardened

All LYHY slewing ring bearings are solid rings with materials metal 50Mn or 42CrMo, slewing rings are machined by CNC lathe, slew bearings raceway are quenched by means of medium-frequency hardening with hardness 55-60HRC, turntable bearings are drilled holes by CNC drilling machine, slew gears are machined by hobbing device with equipment quenched if required, swing bearings then are grinded by grinding device with higher precision.

Creation Method of LYHY slewing bearings

LYHY Slewing Bearing Packing 
Phase 1: Lined with the anti-rust oil
Phase 2: wrapped with the plastic film
Action 3: Packed with Kraft paper and expert belts
Phase 4: Put into wooden box to stay away from the rust or the moist
Remark: Usually, plastic film+ Kraft +belt+ picket box, but personalized pac ept offered,

All LYHY slewing ring bearings can be usually shipped timely, usual creation time is fifteen-50 times based on various slew bearings diameters, at times slew rings will be in stock.
Slewing bearings can be offered various shipping and delivery phrases, these kinds of as EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU and so on.
Also, slewing rings can be transported by distinct transport methods, by categorical (such as DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX and so on), by air, by sea, by truck, by railway and so on.

Slewing Ring Bearings——Apps:
Slewing ring bearings are broadly employed in ept and known as “the machine joints”
Hereunder is the distinct slewing bearing applications
one. Construction machinery (e.g. cranes, excavators, loader, scraper)
two. Metallurgical equipment (e.g. for steel plant)
three. Weighty machinery equipments (e.g. mining machinery, concrete machinery)
four. Marine machinery products (e.g. vessel, port hoisting equipment, port oil transfer equipment, onshore and offshore crane)
5. Light machinery equipments (e.g. paper equipment, plastic, rubber machine, weave equipment)
6. Wind electricity generator
seven. Army items (e.g. aerospace equipment)
8. Pac ept machinery

Bearing ungeared

060.22.571.301.11.1504 060.22.0505.000.eleven.1503 060.22.571.502.eleven.1503
060.22.0660.001.11.1503 060.twenty five.571.000.11.1504 060.twenty five.571.000.11.1504 hundred.eleven.1504 060.35.0680.000.11.1503 060.forty five.0805.001.eleven.1504
060.twenty.571.500.01.1503 060.twenty.0544.five hundred.01.1503 060.20.0644.500.01.1503
060.twenty.0744.five hundred.01.1503 060.20.0844.five hundred.01.1503 060.20.0944.500.01.1503
060.twenty.1094.five hundred.01.1503 060.20.571.575.01.1403 060.twenty.0544.575.01.1403
060.twenty.0644.575.01.1403 060.twenty.0744.575.01.1403 060.20.0844.575.01.1403
060.20.0944.575.01.1403 060.20.1094.575.01.1403 060.twenty five.571.500.eleven.1503
060.25.0955.five hundred.eleven.1503 060.25.1055.five hundred.eleven.1503 060.twenty five.1155.five hundred.11.1503
060.twenty five.1255.five hundred.11.1503 060.25.1355.500.11.1503 060.twenty five.1455.500.11.1503
060.twenty five.571.575.eleven.1403 060.twenty five.571.575.11.1403 060.twenty five.1055.575.eleven.1403
060.25.1155.575.11.1403 060.twenty five.1255.575.eleven.1403 060.25.1355.575.eleven.1403

Bearing with external gear

061.20.571.500.01.1503 061.20.0544.five hundred.01.1503 061.twenty.0644.five hundred.01.1503
061.twenty.0744.500.01.1503 061.twenty.0844.500.01.1503 061.20.0944.five hundred.01.1503
061.20.1094.five hundred.01.1503 061.20.571.575.01.1403 06120.0544.575.01.1403
061.20.0644.575.01.1403 061.twenty.0744.575.01.1403 061.20.0844.575.01.1403
061.twenty.0944.575.01.1403 061.20.1094.575.01.1403 061.twenty five.571.500.11.1503
061.25.0955.500.11.1503 061.25.1055.five hundred.11.1503 061.twenty five.1155.500.eleven.1503
061.25.1255.500.11.1503 061.twenty five.1355.500.11.1503 061.25.1455.500.eleven.1503
061.25.571.575.eleven.1403 061.twenty five.571.575.eleven.1403 061.25.1055.575.eleven.1403
061.25.1155.575.11.1403 061.twenty five.1255.575.11.1403 061.twenty five.1355.575.11.1403
061.twenty five.1455.575.eleven.1403 061.twenty five.0764.103.eleven.1504 061.twenty five.0764.106.21.1504
061.twenty five.0980.107.eleven.1504 061.twenty five.0980.108.21.1504 061.20.0400.a hundred.11.1503 hundred and one.21.1503 hundred.eleven.1503 061.twenty.0450.101.21.1503
061.20.0560.a hundred.11.1503 hundred and one.21.1503 061.twenty.0630.a hundred.11.1503 zero one.21.1503 hundred.eleven.1503 hundred and one.21.1503
061.25.0764.600.11.1503 061.twenty five.0764.601.21.1503 061.twenty five.0980.890.11.1503
061.twenty five.0980.891.21.1503 061.25.1120.000.eleven.1504 061.25.1120.001.21.1504
061.25.1250.a hundred.eleven.1504 061.25.1250.001.21.1504 061.30.1180.000.eleven.1504
061.30.1180.001.21.1504 061.30.1320.000.eleven.1504 061.thirty.1320.001.21.1504
061.thirty.1500.two hundred.11.1504 061.30.1500.201.21.1523 061.40.1400.000.19.1504
061.forty.1400.001.29.1504 061.forty.1600.008.19.1504 061.40.1600.009.29.1503
061.40.1800.013.19.1503 061.40.1800.014.29.1503 061.50.1900.004.forty nine.1504
061.50.2130.001.forty nine.1504 061.fifty.2355.001.forty nine.1504 061.50.2645.001.49.1504

Bearing with interior equipment

062.twenty.571.five hundred.01.1503 062.twenty.0544.five hundred.01.1503 062.20.0644.500.01.1503
062.20.0744.five hundred.01.1503 062.20.0844.500.01.1503 062.twenty.0944.five hundred.01.1503
062.twenty.1094.five hundred.01.1503 062.20.571.575.01.1403 062.twenty.0544.575.01.1403
062.twenty.0644.575.01.1403 062.twenty.0744.575.01.1403 062.twenty.0844.575.01.1403
062.20.0944.575.01.1403 062.20.1094.575.01.1403 062.twenty five.571.500.eleven.1503
062.twenty five.571.500.11.1503 062.25.1055.500.11.1503 062.25.1155.500.11.1503
062.twenty five.1255.500.eleven.1503 062.25.1355.five hundred.11.1503 062.25.1455.500.11.1503
062.twenty five.571.575.11.1403 062.25.0955.575.11.1403 062.twenty five.1055.575.eleven.1403
062.twenty five.1155.575.eleven.1403 062.25.1255.575.11.1403 062.twenty five.1355.575.eleven.1403
062.25.1455.575.11.1403 062.25.0866.106.eleven.1504 062.25.0866.109.21.1504
062.25.1077.308.11.1504 062.25.1077.304.21.1504 062.20.0400.000.11.1503
062.twenty.0400.001.21.1503 062.20.0450.000.11.1503 062.20.0450.001.21.1503
062.twenty.0560.000.eleven.1503 062.twenty.0560.001.21.1503 062.20.0630.000.eleven.1503
062.20.0630.001.21.1503 062.20.571.000.eleven.1503 062.20.571.001.21.1503
062.twenty five.0886.800.eleven.1504 062.25.0886.801.21.1504 062.twenty five.1077.890.11.1503
062.25.1077.891.21.1503 062.25.1180.000.eleven.1504 062.twenty five.1180.001.21.1504
062.30.1120.000.11.1504 062.thirty.1120.001.21.1504 062.30.1250.000.eleven.1504
062.thirty.1250.001.21.1504 062.30.1400.000.11.1504 062.30.1400.001.21.1504
062.30.1600.000.11.1504 062.30.1600.001.21.1504 062.forty.1500.000.19.1504
062.40.1500.001.29.1504 062.forty.1700.007.19.1503 062.forty.1700.008.29.1503
062.50.1800.001.49.1504 062.50.2000.001.49.1504 062.50.2240.001.forty nine.1504
062.50.2490.001.forty nine.1504 062.50.2800.001.forty nine.1504  

The use of authentic tools manufacturer’s (OEM) element numbers or emblems , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference needs only and for indicating solution use and compatibility. Our firm and the outlined substitution components contained herein are not sponsored, accredited, or produced by the OEM.

Planetary Custom made in China  replacement parts  in Jamnagar India Gearboxes Swing Bearing 062.20.0630.000.11.1503 Turntable Bearing Slewing Ring Bearing with Internal Gear Bearing with top quality

Planetary Custom made in China  replacement parts  in Jamnagar India Gearboxes Swing Bearing 062.20.0630.000.11.1503 Turntable Bearing Slewing Ring Bearing with Internal Gear Bearing with top quality